President: (2014-2015): Paola Villar (GSB ’15)
Vice President (2014-2015): Jinghong “Emma” Zhou (GSB ’15)
Chapter web site:

Overview: ALPFA is a professional development organization dedicated to building leaders. We are the oldest and largest Latino network in the nation with more than 17,000 members. We have expanded our approach and welcome members from all nationalities and backgrounds, because we believe that diversity benefits the workplace. Students are to connect directly with professionals at all of our events and learn about career opportunities. ALPFA is a family that helps students grow professionaly and develop even as they move into their careers.

ALPFA is also proud to sponsor its National Convention every August. At this convention, students and professionals are able to participate in workshops, team-building activities, social events and the largest career fair the organization has to offer. ALPFA has links to more than 100 of the world’s largest companies, including the Big 4, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Boeing, Target, Disney and New York Life.  This organization is truly a family, and all are welcomed to join.

Full slate of 2014-2015 officers:

  • President: Paola Villar (GSB ’15)
  • Vice President: Jinghong “Emma” Zhou (GSB ’15)
  • Secretary: Pablo Guante (GSB ’17)
  • Treasurers: Yosselin Alache (GSB ’15) and Judy Chen (GSB ’17)
  • Chief Marketing Office: Maribette Ramirez (GSB ’16)